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What to expect
3-Day Workshop: Intensive 3-day workshop covering all investing strategies from the 12-month programme such as HMO’s, Options, motivated sellers etc. 

Hands on: Clear step by step processes of what you need to do to achieve your property aspirations and financial freedom

Full workbook provided ​

Perfect for both beginners or experienced property investors

100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee
Here’s what you will gain:
  • Full explanation of the Investing Strategy Flowchart and all associated strategies.
  • ​Learn the best way for you to create a high cash generating portfolio which gives you passive income.
  • ​Learn how to make money from leads and deals that you don’t want.
  • ​Understand alternative ways to finance your deals.
  • ​Know exactly how to approach people so they want to lend money to you for your deals.
  • ​Know how to structure successful JVs.
  • ​Know how to gain other people’s Junk leads for free.
  • ​Be able to identify and attract motivated sellers and know what to say to them.
  • ​Be able to quickly assess a deal to see if it stacks up.
"Incredible value! Plenty of opportunities to ask Qs after/during each section - and being able to meet and get to know some of the coaches over lunchtime and ask them Qs was wonderful. I thought that showcased the vast amount of knowledge, experience and support available within the network. The workbook and blueprint flowchart aided visual and kinetic learning. The roleplays - which I was nervous about at first - helped gain confidence and understanding in a safe space. So much... my mind is blown! - Angelei Mann

"Everyone has been friendly, supportive and extremely knowledgeable. Would highly recommend no matter what stage you are at in your property journey, it's really bridged some gaps in my knowledge and given me the confidence to get going." - Laura Dent

"Amazing content, more indepth than I thought it could be. Great networking, meeting fellow course attendees Great learning through examples and role plays Lots of intros to potential power team members" - Kiwi Marshall

"Blown away by how much can be done to create value and cashflow in properties! The way the training is delivered really helps retain the learning and the structure of the workbook makes it easier to return to the relevant pages if you need a refresher" - Stephen Cowgill

"Incredible wealth of knowledge and practical application which is extremely useful. Confidence building great with the role plays. also, understanding the mindset of Andy and Simon in the context of some real life examples - helps to understand the thinking behind the strategies." - Ursula Miller

"In all honesty, I joined with a little anxiety as I was completely new to this. But I have come off this course with a confidence to go onto to find our first deal!! And I determined it will be a motivated seller! :) Thank you all again you have truly inspired me. " - Dorothea Jones
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Name: Property Mastermind Accelerator 

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Term: 3 Days

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