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Property Mastermind Accelerator
"A rare chance to spend three immersive days being taught and mentored by pin founder Simon Zutshi, this workshop is for investors wanting to pro-actively build out their property portfolio in the next 12 months."


The Mastermind Accelerator is an intensive workshop for investors seeking to aggressively build out their property portfolio over the next twelve months.

Cover the complete Mastermind investing framework - a comprehensive roadmap which effortlessly guides you to the optimal investing strategy for any deal scenario.

Get access to our confidential "27 motivated seller sources" - uncover leads from the unlikeliest of        places.

"No money down" investing taken to the next level. Never let starting capital hold you back.

Spend an entire day on how to find the most motivated of sellers, and how to systemise finding them.

Advanced lead monetisation - keep the best leads for yourself. Then package up, sell and profit from    the rest. Entire side-businesses can be made from selling leads you have already generated.

Coaches on-hand throughout the workshop to tailor the best investing approach to your personal circumstances.

Your only other chance to get access to this material is to become a fully pledged member of the Mastermind group - something which comes at considerable expense and commitment.

Likewise, this is the only chance to spend a dedicated chunk of time with Simon Zutshi outside of the Mastermind group itself. You are getting full access to him and his expertise.

IMPORTANT: This workshop is not for the "weekend investor". It covers hands-on investing approaches that require commitment and perseverance. Stunning returns can be made, but you must be prepared to put the work in.

Meet your trainer:

Simon Zutshi

Simon Zutshi, who has been investing in property for over 25 years, is the author of Amazon property best seller, “Property Magic”, which has sold over 100,000 copies.

In 2003, Simon founded the property investors network, which is the first and largest property networking organisation in the UK, with 50 local networking meetings every month.

For the last 17 years Simon has helped thousands of people become financially free through their property investing.

Simon is also the founder and chairman of CrowdProperty which is an FCA regulated peer to peer lending platform, which has lent over £100m to UK property developers.

This is a unique opportunity to learn direct from the top property trainer and mentor in the UK.
“Five was the magic number for me. Five genuinely good property deals can set you free. Five unlocks you from the burden of the rat race. They become your financial cushion. They embolden you to take on a little more risk on the sixth... because now they're no longer make-or-break deals. Now it becomes fun. Now you start living for the next deal.”

A Personal Message From Simon Zutshi

The quote above was written by me a few years back. Somebody had asked me when I felt the momentum really start building in my own investing, because it's true, there comes a point when one or two deals a year suddenly becomes ten or twenty.

And on reflection, five was the magic number for me.

I call this the "hump". The first few deals are a grind, you wonder if it's always going to be this hard, and then boom, you get some momentum and you are off to the races.

The Mastermind Accelerator workshop exists solely to get you over the hump.

The workshop has been designed from the ground up to give you momentum in your property investing.

The Accelerator workshops are some of my favourite days of the year. The energy levels in the room are through the roof, and it is incredibly rewarding to watch a group grow so much over our three days together.

And the timing of the next workshop could not be better...

This is fantastic news.

If you've known me for any length of time, you know I am a big advocate of stepping up your game as others are leaving it.

Professional investors make money in up, down and sideways markets. And the very best deals are to be had when the masses stay home and sit on their hands.

Come and join me in and step up your game. I promise you will not regret it. And on the off-chance you do, the first day and a half is on me. If at any point up to lunchtime on the second day you decide the workshop isn't for you, simply return the course materials and I'll give you back your money.

Can't say fairer than that.

This is where it starts. Get over that hump. Do this for yourself, for your loved ones and for your legacy. Don’t look back in 5 or 10 years time thinking ‘if only I’d started back then’.

In Success,

Simon Zutshi
Founder of the property investors network
Founder of the Property Mastermind Programme
Author, Property Magic

Here's what's going to be covered in this workshop:

Introduction & Goal Setting

Understanding what you want to achieve with your property investing is key before embarking on any type of training. You wouldn't start the engine of a car if you didn't know where you wanted to go. This is the same for your property investing we will really help you identify where you are now, where you would like to be and how you're going to get there.
  • Introduction
  • ​The Maximum Achievement Model
  • ​What is your reason why, goals and aspirations
  • ​The 5 Golden Rules of Property Investing

How to Buy & Sell property Successfully & Safely

You will gain a complete overview of the buying process from start to finish. You'll discover exactly what you need to know to understand the property market and how to find the very best deals, which means you're going to save ££££'s off every property you purchase. 
  • ​​Where should you invest?
  • ​Different types of property
  • ​The costs of buying property
  • ​How to find properties
  • ​How to set up and structure your property company
  • ​The tools you need to get ready for business
  • ​What makes a good property deal
  • ​How to evaluate property investments to ensure they're a good deal
  • ​How to add value to a property

How to Successfully Build Your Power Team

One of the secrets of being a successful property investor is having a team of people around you who can help you achieve your goals. This group of individuals and companies will help you to achieve far more than you could possibly do on your own. You will learn how to structure partnerships safely with due diligence.
  • ​How to find trusted people to work with
  • ​How to do your due diligence
  • ​How to work with deal sourcers
  • ​​How to structure successful Joint Ventures
  • ​How to work with estate agents to get them to find potential deals for you!

How to attract buyers

Instead of looking for a property you like and then negotiating with the seller, a smarter strategy is to look for motivated sellers who will be flexible on the price and/or the terms of the sale, and then decide if you want to buy that particular property. You will discover how to find these motivated sellers and what to say to them to secure a good deal.
  • What is a motivated seller?
  • ​How to attract Motivated Sellers
  • ​How to find motivated sellers online
  • ​Advertisement examples
  • ​What to say to Motivated Sellers; first conversation, second conversation and property visit
  • ​How to deal with motivated sellers
  • ​The Questions to ask sellers to learn what you need to know about the property
  • Motivated Seller Role Plays

How to raise funds for your property investments

No matter how much money you currently have in the bank it's inevitable that you're going to run out. This is why you should be looking at other ways to raise the funds you need to invest in property. You will discover 11 different ways to source the deposits for your property investments plus 3 top methods for raising funds.   
  • Different ways to fund your property investing
  • ​How to approach private investors and the questions to ask them

Understanding Purchase Options & Purchase Lease Options

Understand how you can control a property and gain a rental income from it, without the need for the usual 25% deposit or even a mortgage. You will gain a complete overview of this strategy to discover exactly how it works, how you can profit from it and how to set these up whilst overseas.
  • Introduction to Property Options
  • ​What is a Purchase Lease Option?
  • ​How to identify potential options deals
  • ​How to draw up legal contracts
  • ​How much money do you need?
  • ​Calculating your return on investment
  • ​Exit strategies

Multi-lets and Houses of Multiple Occupation

One of the best ways to get cash flow from your property is to rent it out room by room on a multi-let basis. If you rent out individual rooms in a property to students or young professionals, the combined rent will be much higher than the rent achieved if you rent the property to a family. You will gain a complete overview of this strategy to discover exactly how it works, how you can profit from it and how to set these up whilst overseas.
  • What is a HMO 
  • ​Types of tenants
  • ​Ideal Location of HMOs
  • ​How to find existing HMOs in your investing area of choice
  • ​How to find potential HMOs
  • ​How to do your research
  • ​Different HMOs Strategies 
  • ​How to let the rooms out to reduce any void periods
  • ​HMO Licensing and Planning Requirements
  • How to maximise your rental income

Other Property Investing Strategies

Gain a comprehensive roadmap which effortlessly guides you to the optimal investing strategy for any deal scenario.
  • Freehold to Leasehold (Title Split)
  • ​Commercial to Residential Conversion
  • ​Assisted Sale
  • ​Vendor Finance

The Origins Of The Accelerator Workshop.
(And How It Benefits You)

The Workshop itself started life as a private get-together for my Mastermind group, prior to them embarking on their 12-month Mastermind Programme.

My 12-month Mastermind Programme is now almost 13 years old. My 29th cohort will soon be graduating. It has created countless property millionaires from all walks of life. It is my proudest achievement.

But way back in the first few cohorts, one thing was really bugging me...

The feedback from my students was great, the energy during our monthly meetups was great, everybody was attending the weekly webinar calls...

But still, many of my Masterminders were often taking 6, 7, 8 months before figuratively hitting the runway and taking off with their property businesses.

This was too long in my book. I wanted to ramp up their property businesses in weeks, not months.

My epiphany came during one of our Mastermind lunches. Speaking candidly with a few members, it dawned on me that they were holding off on fully committing until they had visited each and every investing strategy that was due to be covered during the 12-month Programme.

In other words, they were hesitating for fear of missing out on alternative, potentially better investing strategies. They were waiting for the whole picture before pulling the trigger on deals.

It was then that I decided I needed to get everybody together, lock them all in a room for a weekend, and cover the complete Mastermind syllabus from start to end...

And so, the Accelerator workshop was born...

It was a huge hit. It removed a large amount of initial overwhelm and it also eradicated the fear of missing out on investing strategies covered later on in the Programme.

With the roaring success of the Accelerator weekend, it was an easy decision to begin offering it as a stand-alone workshop outside of the Mastermind Programme itself.


You get access to the Mastermind syllabus without the heavy commitment of enrolling on the full programme.

The A4 Piece Of Paper At The Heart Of The Workshop...

On the morning of the first day of the workshop, you will be given a piece of paper with a flowchart on it.

Do not lose that piece of paper. Study it, immerse yourself in it, cherish it, laminate it if you have to. Do whatever it takes to internalise the underlying theories and applications of the flowchart.

Why? Because it is going to become your investing roadmap for years to come.

The flowchart was designed by Simon Zutshi as an objective framework that guides you to the optimal investing outcome for any property deal scenario.

You simply follow the flowchart and answer a bunch of Yes/No questions. No "maybe this" or "maybe that", only concrete, objective guidance.

Examples of scenarios the flowchart answers:

When is a property deal objectively good enough to pull the trigger on?
At what point does an HMO become the superior tenancy option?
When is a purchase option preferrable to an outright purchase?
When does Rent to Rent become viable?
Should I package up the lead and sell it on?
What should the exit strategy be?
These questions, and a dozen others, are answered for you by the flowchart. The beauty is in its simplicity.

1. The Flowchart Eliminates Overwhelm

During the workshop itself, the flowchart provides the foundation for instruction. It eliminates overwhelm because you have the visual representation of the strategies there in front of you at all times.

2. The Flowchart Helps You Monetise Your Leads

You are not going to purchase every property lead that lands on your desk. Some will not fit your criteria and for others the timing will not be right.

The flowchart quickly guides you to alternative cashflow strategies. So in addition to executing on those hot leads that tick all the boxes, you are leveraging opportunities on those luke-warm leads that most amateur investors pass up on.

By monetising a greater proportion of the leads that land on your desk, you separate yourself from the investing herd.

3. The Flowchart Helps You Negotiate With Sellers
By asking a set of simple questions, you can provide a specialised solution to a motivated seller in under 2 minutes. Not only does this give you instant credibility and authority, but it is often a win-win deal structure that other potential buyers have missed.
Outside of the 12-month Mastermind Programme itself, the Accelerator workshop is the only place to get access to, and analysis of, the full Accelerator Flowchart.

Frequently Asked Questions

A rare opportunity to spend three days being taught by Simon Zutshi
Our Promise To You

Attending our 3-day Workshop is a life-changing experience. Your future self is going to look back on it as a defining moment in taking control of your financial future.

But please don’t take our word for it.

If you are at all on the fence about joining us for the three days, we want to remove 100% of the risk for you.

Here’s our promise - the first day and a half of the virtual workshop is on us. If at any point before lunchtime on the second day of the virtual workshop you decide it isn’t quite right for you, simply tell us, hand back the course materials, and we’ll issue you a 100% refund. And we will thank you for giving us a try.

There really is nothing to lose. The very worst case scenario is you take a day or two off work, learn a bunch during the first half of the Workshop, and have all your money returned if you decide it isn’t quite what you were expecting.

This money back guarantee only applies once when you attend the workshop.
Another cohort successfully completes the Mastermind Accelerator Workshop

Here's what some of my students have experienced from this workshop...

Ben Darley

The value we gained far exceeded what I paid for this training and has exceeded my expectations in many ways. The complete attention of Simon and the Team was not expected as I imagined there might be many different presenters. The content and real-life examples brought the strategies to life and the course has lifted my understanding dramatically. Thank you.

John Donnelly

Excellent! Top notch training and very professional. Top quality guest speakers and team members. I am brimming with knowledge and ideas and would up to go.

Danielle Watts

A lot of information and ways of investing that I wouldn't have even thought of, I only previously thought of BTL and flipping. I can see even more now that I can make a career out of investing providing I have the right mindset, knowledge, support and network.

Rod McDonald

A huge amount of helpful knowledge and tips that could have taken many months to acrue. Also being able to meet and speak to other people who share similar interest in property. 

Susan Bahnsen

I was taught 2 unusual, little-known property investment strategies in enough detail to be able to implement them myself. I was extremely grateful for this, because both turned out to be easier than I had thought and neither I been taught about on any other course. I got very useful and detailed teaching on 3 more widely used investment strategies, which was a very useful refresher and I learnt too. I got excellent teaching, including role-playing, in how to communicate with motivated sellers. There was also an excellent presentation on mindset and the law of attraction.

Martin Cox

A constructive realisation that property investment is a real possibility for me. Understanding the many strategies that there are some many possible routes to explore. But importantly the need to identify my own within my own specific business plan. A really great 3 days and thank you for emphasising the need for ethics and win-win philosophy.

Richard Storey

There is always trepidation when investing in training. The same questions usually surface; is this right for me, is this the best use of my time and money, will it be any good? Honesty, I was blown away by the in depth strategies taught on the three day accelerator and would recommend this to any one, no matter where they were on their property investing journey. For those of you who want a comprehensive insight into the do's, don'ts, how's and why's, let me me assure any particular concerns you may have: ATTEND THIS TRAINING!! You can thank me later!

Robyn Thurston

I have been exposed to so many different methods, paired with a very ethical approach. It has changed my thoughts about what property investing can be. Even remotely, it has been great to connect with everyone.

Gareth Bailey

I now have a very good understanding of many advanced ways of investing in property. As well as having access to a power team that could have taken me years to find.

Matilda Atkins

I’ve learnt so much more about the different strategies to use when investing in property, and my confidence to go out and look for deals is raised a lot. It was inspiring to hear everyone’s stories about their property journeys.

Sacha Tong

Gained a lot more knowledge in the different property purchasing strategies, Also in working out how a deal stacks up and what rental you would require. Very good information on finding motivated sellers and help in doing so.

Tiffany Plummer

From start to finish the 3 day course was absolutely amazing. Gave me the knowledge and confidence to just go ahead and start on my property investing journey. Thank you to Simon and the team for everything!

Jared Singleton 

Thanks to Simon, Andy and Sarah for making it run so smoothly as a virtual MMA. Also a big thanks to everyone else who helped along the way, great team.

Danielle Masters

Having joined the Mastermind Accelerator course with absolutely no knowledge on property investment, and knee I had a lot of complex information to learn in just three days. Simon and his team set out the course in an easy to follow structure and provided some extremely useful information which has helped me come away with enough knowledge to start committing my time to begin my career in property investment with more confidence than before!

Andrew Dent

Pure gold. It has helped me bring my life partner up to speed. We are now in a position to move forward as a team. Thank you.

Yvonne Pascal

The content was exceptional and learning of all the strategies was so enlightening! I think the mastermind programme would significantly help my success and not just in investing!

David Crouch

Great insight into the potential earning power of property and all the strategies linked to it. Great 3 days, thank you.

Mark & Christine McAleenan

Enforced the knowledge we already had, always picking up a few more nuggets. Simon and Andy always put on a great presentation.

Umash Patel 

I have understood the power of MMA so you get an overview of all the property strategies Simon has to offer. We are all rough diamonds and “Simon says” he will polish them if we trust the process. 

Kelly Etchells

Firstly, thank you to all the team that have created the first ever Virtual Accelerator Course and made it possible for all of us to still be able to attend. The Virtual alternative has still given us the tools and interaction with everyone that was needed to gain the knowledge and connection required to meet new investors and work together on our path to property success!!!

Julian Warren

I have attended a property investing course in the past, but was unable to really move forward with what was taught. There is no question that the MMA content and delivery is far superior to other educational providers out there, and gives attendees the tools to apply what they have learned more effectively.

Margaret Nharaunda

Thank you. Found the course very challenging, informative & inspirational.

Poonam Sakarsudha

I felt like I walked away with more confidence, a better understanding of different strategies and a clear action plan.

Cian Bolger

A lot of info to try and take in over 3 days but a big eye opener. The biggest value taken from this in the different strategies on how to do a deal and make it a win win for both parties and not just to be in the deal for self gain.

Sam Kelly

Exactly what i needed at this point in my property journey. now i have invested i feel entitled to follow this through. so much info and strategies to use.

Stuart Meaker

Some good insight and often very technical information. A deeper idea of what it actually takes to make a success of this. 

Oliver Fisher

I enjoyed the course much more than I thought. I haven't sat at a laptop or pc since school!!! A great insight into property business.

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